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Fondation- LAB provides a framework for the development of women’s skills in various fields with the overall objective of equipping them to thrive in today’s challenging business, political, social and economic environments.
Our programmes
Fondation-LAB training courses address multiple facets of entrepreneurial upskilling:

  • Individual mentoring by lead investigators: specific supervision, mentoring and support
  • Personal and skills development programme: strengthening personal capacity and developing research leadership
  • Capacity-building through participation in research: addressing complex problems with appropriate interventions
  • Short courses and training: raising awareness of the local relevance of SDGs
  • Monitoring and evaluation: providing objective feedback on progress and development.
Our courses
Both online and onsite, we provide a forum for researchers interested in African sustainable development with a focus on:

  • Developing an appreciation of the challenges involved in designing, implementing and evaluating complex interventions on gender mainstreaming in the continent;
  • Participating in discussions on past and current experience of complex developmental interventions;
  • Discussing and critically appraising available tools and models for designing and implementing complex entrepreneurial interventions; and
  • Developing capacity to participate in the design and conduct of complex interventions in important areas of public finance management.
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Fondation Lance d'Afrique Burundi

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