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Fondation Lance d'Afrique Burundi

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Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development. Empowering Women to become Entrepreneurs, Uplift their Families, Transform their Communities and Contribute to the National Economy.

Fondation Lance d'Afrique Burundi

16 hours 39 minutes ago

Rise&Shine Let's celebrate International Women's Day and be #strongertogether! Bringing together #SuperWomen #Changemakers for a #StrongerTogetherX Global Summit to share stories, wisdom and super powers. Super Women Changemakers | StrongerTogetherX Global Summit March 8th - International Women's Day 8am SF | 11am NY | 5pm Paris | 6pm South Africa Register NOW! Tag to invite women changemakers in your circle! Kira Leskew, Sonia Saïdi, NISABWE Florence, PhD., Carolyn Flower, Carmen Wilde, Cole Baker-Bagwell, Kate DiLeo, Valerie Connell, Michele Lando, Johanna Lyman (she/her or they/their), Dr. Leïla Kossou Tazaro, Mollie Eliasof, Killu Sanborn, Ph.D. and more in the comments. #strongertogether

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Florence Nisabwe
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