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Fondation Lance d'Afrique Burundi

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Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development. Empowering Women to become Entrepreneurs, Uplift their Families, Transform their Communities and Contribute to the National Economy.

Fondation Lance d'Afrique Burundi

16 hours 5 minutes ago

Rise&Shine Let's celebrate International Women's Day and be #strongertogether! Bringing together #SuperWomen #Changemakers for a #StrongerTogetherX Global Summit to share stories, wisdom and super powers. Super Women Changemakers | StrongerTogetherX Global Summit March 8th - International Women's Day 8am SF | 11am NY | 5pm Paris | 6pm South Africa Register NOW! Tag to invite women changemakers in your circle! Kira Leskew, Sonia Saïdi, NISABWE Florence, PhD., Carolyn Flower, Carmen Wilde, Cole Baker-Bagwell, Kate DiLeo, Valerie Connell, Michele Lando, Johanna Lyman (she/her or they/their), Dr. Leïla Kossou Tazaro, Mollie Eliasof, Killu Sanborn, Ph.D. and more in the comments. #strongertogether

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Florence Nisabwe
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