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Fondation Lance d'Afrique Burundi

Non-profit organisation

Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development. Empowering Women to become Entrepreneurs, Uplift their Families, Transform their Communities and Contribute to the National Economy.

Fondation Lance d'Afrique Burundi

Fondation-Lab is ROARING in SINGAPORE 🇸🇬 As the Fondation Lab is spreading like a wild fire, expanding its territories globally, we have landed 🛬 now in Singapore 🇸🇬. Please let’s join our hands and shout out for this phenomenal move. We are happy to welcome Ms. #ChaitriHapugalle (Chai) as FLAB Ambassador to Singapore🇸🇬 😍 joining other Ambassadors, Godmothers, Brand Strategist from Washington 🇺🇸, Miami 🇺🇸, Chicago 🇺🇸, Dallas Texas 🇺🇸 and Bahamas 🇧🇸 Chaitri (Chai) is a Harvard qualified International Public Policy Analyst. She is passionate champion of the poor, disabled and other voiceless vulnerable communities. She is the Founder…

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Florence Nisabwe
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Carama, 35 Gisandasanda,
Bujumbura, BURUNDI
Tel: + 257 31 075 777