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Fondation Lance d'Afrique Burundi

1 day 12 hours ago

Click the link to register: Fondation-LAB is a proudly African non-profit organization committed to women's economic empowerment and social entrepreneurship. We are hosting a multi-stakeholder summit in Washington D.C. to focus on these two topics, as well as to include Informal Cross Border Trade and transformational leadership. The African continent faces a number of challenges including poor infrastructure, market access restrictions, traditional gender roles and healthcare, to name a few. We want to invite you to take part in this summit as Africa represents growth opportunities as there are many emerging economies on the continent, and her people have

Fondation Lance d’Afrique Burundi, Fondation-LAB, social entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment throughout Africa, Women Empowerment, Sustainable Development Goals
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Florence Nisabwe
Contact us
Carama, 35 Gisandasanda,
Bujumbura, BURUNDI
Tel: + 257 31 075 777