Fondation-LAB Inaugural Annual Conference: Bujumbura City,
Burundi March 19 – 20, 2020
Social Entrepreneurship for Women’s Economic Empowerment
• Over 200 local and international delegates
• Facilitating collaboration and exchanging ideas
• Identifying and implementing priority strategies towards achieving the SDGs
• Delivering the New Social Development Agenda: solutions, not problems

About the Conference

The two-day Conference will provide offers an in-depth analysis of social entrepreneurship, and a detailed explanation of the key concepts and principles surrounding economic empowerment for women. The interactive format will ensure that delegates gain a working knowledge of the principles of women’s economic empowerment and are equipped to implement positive change in their communities. The second day of the Conference will focus on workshop-format discussions aimed at female students, and local leaders and women entrepreneurs. The sessions will cover social entrepreneurship, communication and leadership.

Objectives and Key Learning Outcomes

  • To improve student girls’ leadership and communication skills by investing in the multiplying effect of girls’ educational empowerment, and their participation and impact in all levels of society.
  • To teach young girls how to lead their own school organisations and train them on the sustainable development goals.
  • To promote social entrepreneurship for sustainable development.
  • To train women leaders, entrepreneurs and community leaders on the Sustainable Development Goals and how they can identify them in their projects and work.
  • To identify projects that are locally relevant and collaboratively implemented by the communities themselves.
  • Should I attend?

  • Government representatives
  • Members of the Diplomatic community
  • Learners – female students from middle and high school and tertiary institutions
  • Female community representatives
  • Media representatives
  • Civil society
  • Local government officials
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