In today’s corporate and environmental pressures, humans are looking for opportunities of relaxation in different parts of the world. Cameroon is Africa in miniature, a country that was blessed with places for regernisation and vitalization. With the world becoming more and more globalised, it is important for third world countries, including Cameroon to develop policies for health tourism that can alternatives that bring satisfaction and healthy living for not only Cameroonians who annually spend billions of FCFA and foreign tourists. As it has been demonstrated, health tourism is a base for a healthy body, mind and soul. The purpose of visiting a tourism destination may vary depending up on the nature and interests of tourists. Hence tourism destinations design variety of Health tourism in Cameroon is a niche tourism that can be developed within the international competing tourism industry in order to attract not only Cameroonians but also people travelling with the prime purpose of getting healthcare. This paper depicts the concept of health tourism, health tourism trends and health tourism potentials of Cameroon.